2014 Kinston
Riverside Bicycle/House of Wang Ice Bowl
Player List

* All players are invited to bring non-perishable food, and food and supplies for the SPCA *


Robert Borjes
Fred Jarrett
Jon Mills
Nathan Queen
Waylin Roork

Masters (40+)

Blake Dahlem
Jim Engleman
Sonny Finger
Thom Gerard
Kurt Hodnett
Tim Knobeloch
Joel Smith

Grand Masters (50+)

** Please let me know if you prefer Grand Masters instead of Masters - we do not have "Adv Masters" (sorry) **

Advanced Men

Spencer Hill
Nick Morreale
Jonathan Tyndall
Adam Walter
Joshua Webb

Intermediate Men

Eddie Baxter
Patrick Beard
Ethan Bowen
Chris Brackin
Daniel Brockman
Daniel Coward
Andrew Duppstadt
David Guy
Christopher Hamby
Paul Jacobs
Mike Jenkins
Matt Kiricoples
Ben Overton
Jarett Wallace


Christian Smith
Brandi Woods

Recreational (Novice)

Jordan Hughes
Ruben Ortiz

Squirrel Sponsors

Andrew Duppstadt
Robert Borjes
Brandi Woods

Kinston Ice Bowl
2014 Sponsors

Riverside Bicycles

m3 Consulting


Dewey Doe

Neuse Lawn and Landscaping

Danny & Johnnee Rice

Michael & Cindy Doe

John Marston, Financial Representative & Insurance Services

Woodmen of the World
Kinston Chapter 46

George L. Jenkins, Attorney at Law

Friends of Kinston Disc Golf

Squirrel Sponsors

Sponsor Locations and Phone Numbers are on our Sponsors page.

Please thank our sponsors for helping to make the Ice Bowl possible and for supporting disc golf in Kinston.