For the present, please contact us via, or try our bulletin board. If you want to actually talk to someone, you can call Joel Smith at (252) 523-7053.

For King's Cup sponsorship information, please contact Christian Smith at (252) 523-7053, or send email to

Kinston Disc Golf Association
1213 Stockton Road
Kinston, NC 28504
(252) 523-3050


Traveling to Kinston overnight and need lodging?

Holiday Inn Express
(252) 559-8888

West Parke Inn
(252) 527-1500

Special room rates may apply for tournaments. Check the tournament page for details.

Directions to Barnet Park...

Here are the directions from the PDGA site...

Directions: US Hwy 70 to Hwy 70 Business, north on Hillcrest, left at Sand Clay Road which dead ends into park. From Hwy 258N into Kinston; left on Sand Clay Road (by Bethel School) into park.

Here are more detailed notes...

If you're coming from Raleigh on 70E, the easiest way into Barnet Park is to turn left onto 258N. The light is just past Lowe's and Walmart. Going north on 258, you'll go past a few car dealers. You'll go up a slight hill. At the top, turn right at the light (opposite the Kangaroo gas station.) This is Sand Clay Road. It leads into the park. Turn into the parking areas on the left when you're in the park. The picnic shelter is at the end of the parking area.

If you're coming South on 258, you'll make the same turn onto Sand Clay Road. Some indicators that you're getting close on 258 are that the road turns into a 4-lane. When it goes from 2 to 4 lanes, you'll see signs for the airport. Keep going. You'll go though a couple lights before you get to Sand Clay Road. Look for Bethel Church and the Kangaroo on the right. That will be your left turn.

The "back way" into the part is the one listed first in the PDGA instructions. If you want to try it, keep going E. past the intersection of 258 and 70. You'll go through a traffic llight, then 70 will branch into Business on the left, and Bypass on the right. Take the left branch under the overpass, and make a left at the next light. You'll see a flea market and a place that sells surplus military trucks. Stay on Hillcrest Rd. across the railroad tracks. Take the first paved left. That's Sand Clay Road, which leads into Barnet Park. Parking is on the right. Head for the end of the lot. You'll see lots of disc golfers there. That's where #9 ends up. #10 runs along the parking lot.

Course Coordinates (Long/Lat): -77.6405,35.2788