COURSE NEWS (5/6/2010)- Just in time for the King's Cup V, we're adding optional extended baskets, notable by the orange top band, on holes #7 and #8. These holes will now have 2 baskets, so make sure you know which you want to play. The original layout uses all yellow-topped baskets. There are no changes to the original layout. The information below will be updated after the King's Cup V with the new information.

Course Overview
- 18 holes
- Standard Tees: 4272 ft.
- Pro Tees: 5668 ft.
- There are seven Par 3 Holes, nine Par 4 holes, and two Par 5 holes.
- Concrete Tees, DISCatcher goals (inner chains added April, 2006)
- Built in 1999, designed by Harold Duvall.
- Additional alternate goal placements added Fall 2005.
- Course record: 46 (from the Pro Tees) Brian Schweberger.

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#1 Par 4
Standard Tee: 195 ft.
Pro tees: 294 ft.
This is a downhill hole. There is a small stream fairly close to the back of the goal, which is out of bounds.

#2 Par 5
Standard Tee: 438 ft.
Pro Tee: 670 ft. (Added May 2008)
Alt. Goal Position: 368 ft.
This is an uphill hole. Note that the new long tee pad requires a throw across 2 small creeks.

#3 Par 4
Standard Tee: 237 ft.
Pro tees: 342 ft.
Down the hill and through the trees.

#4 Par 4
Standard Tee: 330 ft.
Hard dog-leg to the right. Beware of Russel’s tree in front of the tee pad. There is a small stream close behind the goal, and along the left side though the rough.

#5 Par 5
Standard Tee: 336 ft.
Pro tees: 501 ft.
This is the longest hole on the course. The logging road along the left side is out of bounds (and out of the park.) There is a large hole in front of the goal.

#6 "The Skinny" Par 3
Standard Tee: 162 ft.
May 2008, the goal area was reworked to be a taller mound. The goal is now about 4 feet above ground level. Be careful retrieving your disc!
This is the shortest hole on the course. And the most heavily obstructed, although there is a nice, narrow path down the middle.

"Hole #6, aka "The Skinny," is the narrowest fairway I've designed. The shape is in juxtaposition to the proceeding hole which is the longest and broadest wooded hole on the Kinston Course.

The strategy for #6 is to play for a 30-40 foot putt. The hole becomes much more difficult if you play for tap in. It also helps righties to have a sidearm which naturally fades right at the end.

The trees immediately behind and adjacent to the tee play an important role. They stiffen the challenge for the vertical shot. I would have removed more trees in the fairway if #6 had been much longer or if any of the trees had created a luck gap. I believe a uniform four foot wide corridor is far superior to an opening twice as big that is bisected by a lone tree. Over time, we may to widen and lengthen this hole if luck gaps emerge. Fortunately, there is room to do this.

I do not think I would create a hole any narrower than "The Skinny," but given the right set of trees and course sequence psychology, I would not hesitate to use this type of hole again."

-Harold Duvall, in a PDGA Discussion forum on course design

#7 Par 3
Standard Tee: 255 ft.

#8 Par 4
Standard Tee: 156 ft.
Pro tees: 252 ft.

#9 Par 4
Standard Tee: 252 ft.
Pro tees: 333 ft.

#10 Par 4
Standard Tee: 271 ft.
Pro tees: 402 ft.
Alt. Hole: 460 ft.
Alt. hole placement is 58 ft. to the left of the standard hole placement.

#11 Par 3
Standard Tee: 194 ft.
Pro tees: 330 ft.

#12 Par 3
Standard Tee: 177 ft.
Pro tees: 288 ft.
There is a steep ditch at the back of this hole. The stream along the bottom is shallow and has a firm sandy bottom. It’s also out of bounds. Lots of fire ants in this area. Use caution.
- A new line has been opened up on this hole. The area to the left of the brush visible above to the left of the short tee pad has been cleared, allowing throws to be made to the left of the "island" of trees.

#13 Par 3
Standard Tee: 225 ft.
Pro tees: 329 ft.
There’s a fairly swampy area about half way down the fairway along the right side. Step carefully.

#14 Par 3
Standard Tee: 126 ft.
Pro tees: 322 ft.
Note that the “Pro” tee is just off the road across the nice long open field. Watch for bunnies!

#15 Par 4
Standard Tee: 202 ft.
Alt. Hole: 310 ft.
Pro Tee: 267 ft.
- We've removed the rubber mat which served as the long tee, and we've added new alternate goal placement which extends the hole to 310ft. The new goal location is over the crest of the ridge and slightly to the right in the center of a pair of columns of pine trees. (Please note that the diagram above has not yet been updated.)

#16 Par 4
Standard Tee: 262 ft.
Pro tees: 333 ft.
This hole features the course’s only posted “Mandatory”.

#17 Par 3
Standard Tee: 210 ft.

#18 Par 4
Standard Tee: 244 ft.
Pro tees: 309 ft.
Don’t throw into the huge hollow tree along the right side.
- We added a "Mando" on this hole. Throws from both the long and short tees must follow the line in the diagram above. Throws to the right of the woods along the soccer field on the right are not valid. (A new mando sign has been added on this whole to indicate the change.)

Please note, course photos were taken in early March, 2005, before the foliage had a chance to grow back. The course is much greener during the warmer months. Photos show the view from the standard tees. Special thanks to Innova Disc Golf, Inc. for providing the original course layout diagrams.