Disc Golf Lost & Found Service

Fill out the form below and report a lost or found disc. It is important to describe the disc as fully as possible, so we can match up reports. Please be sure your contact information is accurate. Please be sure to select whether you are reporting a lost disc or a found disc.

The information you provide will not be posted publicly on this or any other web site. If you found a disc and don't want to be contacted directly by the owner, you still need to include contact info so we can contact you to arrange a transfer. Discs can be turned in at the Parks & Recreation office or to a club officer any time. If you are from out of town, we can arrange to mail your disc back to you. Details will be included in any match notices. Good luck!

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Be sure to include names, PDGA player numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, or any other information that might be written on the disc by its owner.

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(Normally, if there is a match, the finders contact info will be given to the owner so you can arrange to return the disc. If you would prefer not to to share your contact information with the disc's owner, please check here. You can drop off the disc at the Parks & Rec. Office, or hand it off to one of the club officers to complete the return. More specific information will be provided to you after you report a disc found. Your information will be kept confidential by the KDGA. No questions asked.)

Statement of Purpose and Privacy We won't use the information you provide for any purpose other than to determine if we have can match lost and found discs. We appreciate your participation and hope you find this useful. This service is provided free by the Kinston Disc Golf Association.