Sunday Random Doubles - 2013

Kinston's weekly doubles series is now being played on Sunday afternoons, starting at 2:30pm during the daylight savings months. We'll switch back to a 2:00pm start as days grow shorter in the Fall and Winter.

Sign in by 2:30pm to play.

Entry Fee: $3.00
Ace Pool (optional): $1.00

Cash payouts for winners. 2nd place wins free entry which can be used for any subsequent Sunday Doubles. If there are more than 20 players, 2nd place also cashes and 3rd place gets free entry.

Players of all skill levels are welcomed. Partners are selected by a random draw. Once we draw for partners, no more players will be admitted.

Doubles Rules/Policies

TD calls the format for each Sunday's play. This could include double-putter doubles, barber-pole doubles, long tees, short tees.Typically, this will be announced at least a week in advance if it's something other than the usual short-tee round.

No Out-of-Bounds lines are in play for Doubles, unless the TD declares otherwise before the round starts.

In case of a tie for a prize-winning place, the tie is settled by playingfrom #1 long tees, through #2. If still tied, CTP on #3 decides the tie.

"Cali" - if there are an odd number of players, one will play "cali", which means two throws, from which the player can select the best as his official throw. This continues until the player is within 25ft of the basket, then each throw counts. Aces count on either drive. No extra fee is required for the player drawing the cali card.

All aces have to be verified by a player's group to collect the ace pool.

If a player's partner has to quit before they finish the round, the remaining player may play as "cali".

Doubles Highlights from Seasons Past...

2008 Low Score - 40, Mike Norris/Fred Ingram, April 29th; Max Crotts/Scotty Faison, June 24th (Double Putter Doubles); Mike Norris (cali) June 17th.
2009 Low Score to date - 38 Fred Jarrett and Kevin Gaskins, August 18th, 2009.
2010 Low Score - 39 Austin Sult/Ethan Bowen, Aug. 31, 2010