Keep a Hole at Barnet Park

The Kinston Disc Golf Association is pleased to offer you the opportunity to become a Course Keeper.

The need for course maintenance never ends. And the official resources for keeping up the course are harder to come by. So, we would like to ask local players to consider signing up to keep a hole clean and trimmed. Ideally, this would be an annual committment, but you might like it so much you want to keep doing it. All you need to do is sign up.

Don't worry about mowing. Course Keepers will be responsible for keeping trash off of their part of the course, trimming "fuzzies" that inevitably grow into the playable space, and occassionally cleaning off the tee pads.

If you want to partner with another disc golfer to cover the hole, that's fine, too, and you can always ask others for assistance when needed.

As a reward and in recognition of your participation, we'll put a small plaque on the tee of your hole letting everyone know who's doing such a great job keeping the hole spiffy. At the end of your committment, you can keep it as a reminder of your service to the course and to promoting disc golf in Kinston.

NuttersThere's no cost. You decide when you do your work. We do ask that you try to keep up with the status of your selected hole. If you are ready to sign up, please contact Joe Noble to get started - (252) 560-1745. Joe will go over your selection from tee to basket so you know what needs attention and what should be left alone.

If you think of Kinston's Barnet Park as your "home course", consider becoming a Course Keeper. We can all work together to keep our course the best it can be. If we don't do it, who will?

Barnet Park
Course Keepers

Hole 1 - Joe Noble

Hole 2 -

Hole 3 - Michael Doe

Hole 4 -

Hole 5 -

Hole 6 -

Hole 7 - Eddie Baxter

Hole 8 -

Hole 9 -

Hole 10 -

Hole 11 - Christian & Joel Smith

Hole 12 -

Hole 13 - Chris Russ

Hole 14 -

Hole 15 -

Hole 16 -

Hole 17 -

Hole 18 - Susan Paulson